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CBIL People

2022 version. (CBIL shut down at the end of that year)

Faculty / Academic Position
Christian Stoeckert Research Professor, Genetics
Emily Greenfest-Allen Senior Research Investigator
Jie Zheng Senior Research Investigator
Staff Position
Ana Barreto Database Administrator
John Brestelli Application Developer Sr.
Brian Brunk VEuPathDB Project Manager
Ryan Doherty Senior Programmer Analyst
Steve Fischer Senior Programmer Analyst
Bindu Gajria Senior Programmer Analyst
Omar Harb Biology Research Specialist
Sufen Hu Programmer Analyst
Tom Hutchinson Software Engineer
John Iodice Bioinformatics Software Engineer
John Judkins Ontologist
Wei Li Programmer Analyst

CBIL retirement party Nov. 2022

Pictured from left to right: Sufen Hu, John Brestelli, Emily Greenfest-Allen, Bindu Gajria, Angel Pizaro, Jie Zheng, Chris Stoeckert, Deborah Pinney, Steve Fischer, Jonathan Schug, John Iodice, Cris Lawrence, Elisabetta Manduchi, Greg Grant.


Faculty / Academic Position
Gregory Grant Research Associate Professor, Genetics
Student Advisor(s) Dates Project / Thesis Current Position
Kobby Essien Christian Stoeckert 2004 - 2009 Computational approaches for studying transcriptional regulation in Plasmodium and other apicomplexan parasites Associate Product Manager at Reata Pharmaceuticals
Gary/Guang Chen Christian Stoeckert 2003 - 2007 Identifying transcriptional regulatory modules and networks by integrative approaches Sr. Statistician at Celgene
Li Li David Roos and Christian Stoeckert 1999 - 2004 Eukaryotic ortholog groups and comparative genomics: applications to apicomplexan parasites Senior Computational Biologist at Genentech
Jonathan Schug Max Mintz and Christian Stoeckert 1995 - 2005 Integrating gene expression signals with bounded collection grammars Technical Director, NGSC; IDOM DRC Functional Genomics Core at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Post-doc Advisor(s) Dates Project / Thesis Current Position
Tiziana Sanavia Barbara Di Camillo and Christian Stoeckert 2012-2013 Genomic analysis and computational methods for studying the development of pancreatic beta cells Assistant Professor at University of Turin
Chiao Feng Lin Christian Stoeckert 2008 - 2010 Beta Cell Biology Consortium, functional genomics of the pancreas, ChIP-seq analysis Post-doc, Wang Lab at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Ghislain Bidaut Christian Stoeckert 2005 - 2007 Neural net analysis of stem cell differentiation, Stem Cell Gene Anatomy Project (SCGAP), plasmoMAP Head of Bioinformatics at Inserm
Shailesh Date Christian Stoeckert, David Roos 2004 - 2008 Plasmodium falciparum interactome, plasmoMAP Scientist at Genentech
Hongxian He Christian Stoeckert 2002 - 2005 Stem Cell Gene Anatomy Project (SCGAP), RNA Abundance Database (RAD) Technical Supervisor at DuPont
Matt Mailman Christian Stoeckert 2001 - 2003 PlasmoDB, RNA Abundance Database Director of Integrative Solutions, Neuroscience at Johnson & Johnson
Staff Position
Ja’Shon Cade Programmer Analyst
Hayden Freedman Programmer Analyst
Cris Lawrence Senior Web Developer
Elisabetta Manduchi Research Project Manager, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist
Mark Miller Ontologist
Deborah Pinney Application Developer Sr.