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Computational Biology and Informatics Lab (CBIL)

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CBIL Tools


Benchmarker for Evaluating the Effectiveness of RNA-Seq Software (BEERS)

Patterns from Gene Expression (PaGE)


RNA-seq Unified Mapper (RUM)

Significance Tester for the Accumulation of Reads (STAR - This is no longer available)

Past projects


Clustering of Genes into Regulons using Integrated Modeling (COGRIM)

Microarray Gene Expression Simulator (GSIM - This is no longer available)

Multiple Sample Analysis (MSA)

Significance Testing for Aberrant Copy-Number (STAC)

Transcription Element Search System (TESS)

t-statistics, p-values, and Westfall and Young step-down method (tpWY - This is no longer available)

Un-Paired Series Interrogator for a Dampening Effect (UPSIDE - This is no longer available)

22q and You newsletters (This is no longer available)